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Want to earn more money on AirBnB?

Want to earn more money on AirBnB?




Learn how to become a superhost and grow your earnings

I ran an AirBnB for four years as a Superhost, and hosted over 300 groups of guests. There are lots of tips and tricks to make your AirBnB more attractive, and keep your guests happy.

Take the first step in starting or improving your AirBnB today.

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How the process works

1. Send in your property details

The first step is to understand all of the details about your property. We will go analyze the location, amenities, and other details to determine a strategy.

2. Put together a 3 month plan

I will put together a three month plan that includes pricing strategy, securing five star reviews, and put you on the path to becoming a superhost.

3. Determine required insurance coverage

Even though AirBnB has a host guarantee, you really do need your own insurance. I will review your property to make sure that you have the coverage you need.

What you can expect

An eye-popping listing

Your new AirBnB listing will be polished and attractive to renters.

A fantastic guest guide

I will use my proven guest guide template to help you produce an elegant guide that will make your guest’s stay safe and enjoyable.

Continued support

You will no doubt have questions as you continue on your AirBnB journey. I will be here to help with advice on difficult guests, tips on how to mediate with AirBnB, and anything else that might come up.
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