Solar Panels In Vancouver?

Though we think of Vancouver as a rainy city, it does get over 1900 hours of sunshine per year – making solar panels extremely feasible. Continue reading

Solar Energy


Many people believe that solar energy will form the backbone of our future energy structure. When the trend towards solar energy started, there were many competing technologies (eg. solar thermal, concentrated solar, and solar photovoltaic). Due to the drop in the price of solar photovoltaic technology (solar panels), it is now the leading candidate for mass adoption. Do you know what a solar panel is and how they work? Continue reading

Recruiting Top Talent for Your Organization


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I think anyone who’s gone through the corporate recruiting process has got their own take on whether the system is broken. In my experience, only a small fraction of companies have a process that fits my view of what recruiting should be. Today, I want to give you my take on what good recruiting is, and provide some examples of well-known companies that follow these best practices. In order to have a complete discussion of the recruiting process I will focus the talking points around three key areas: identifying the needs of the organization, reaching the right candidates, and winning the right candidates. Continue reading