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Want your resume to stand out from the crowd?

Want your resume to stand out from the crowd?


Resume Review Service


Stand out from the competition.

I have extensive experience editing and reviewing resumes for new graduates and early-career professionals. As a former contributor at and I have personally helped candidates get into high-powered companies such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

To make sure your resume is amazing, I also bring in a team of HR recruiters and hiring managers to edit and comment on your resume.

Take the first step in building a better career today.

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How the process works

1. Submit your resume

Send in your resume for review. I will make targeted and detailed changes before sending it to a team of recruiters and hiring managers to incorporate their feedback.

2. We iterate together

Once the Resume has gone through a first pass, we will go through the information together and revise it up to two additional times to make sure we capture your entire skill set.

3. Finalize the content

We will take the content we have created, and provide it in various formats to make submitting your resume to employers super easy.

What you can expect

A polished resume

Your resume will be eye-catching to potential employers, and keyword-optimized to give it the best possible chance to make it through the automated screening.

Recommendations on skill upgrades

After the resume review, I will provide recommendations on areas you should consider working on to make you even more attractive to employers.

Having the best chance to land that interview

We will go over key networking tips. Your chances of landing that dream job are much higher when you have someone on the inside dropping off your resume on the hiring manager’s desk.
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